Welcome to the English public speaking class

It must out of my mind that I talked about my love story in front of my classmates twice in a row. Since my teacher said the original topic, "Gender Change",is hard to make examples for us, he decided to let us to share our worst things during this two weekends. Even though the thing which made me couldn't fall a sleep, I still could see they're laughing. Come on, for me, that's really tough. But I think I understand what they're thinking, "This guy got nothing but love."
As teacher said, "You will fell better, when you share your bad things and listen to their worst ones with other people." I did feel better. That's really strange.
After the speech, I start to think my pronunciation is really really bad. Why? Because I... WAIT! That's the word, "because", I just pronounced it as "BECAUSU..." Damn it! How come an English major student talks like that, then my dear classmates whispered with each other said "becausu..."
Let's see, this is not all about Lasai or shit on my teacher, so I think this one is a normal diary. Thanks for your reading, and I hope I will write another article soon.

Lil' Allen
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